27 December 2007

Welcome -- Having Your Say


Many people want to speak out about the events in Iraq and Afghanistan, but don't know how. They question the legitimacy of their voice and they do not know if anyone will hear them.

This is your sounding board. You don't need a pedigree to share here -- just a thoughtful, reasoned response to the United State's military actions since 2003. Think of it as your own Town Hall.

I hope for many different voices, from many places, stateside and abroad. Any view is valid and welcome, as long as it is thoughtful and in the spirit of civil dialog.

If you know someone who is not wired, please pass along our address.

The rules are simple:

who you are, what you think and why you think it, up to 500 words. It can be as personal or as disinterested as you like.

Relevant artwork and poetry are also welcome. Submissions may be edited for grammar and length.
If you don't want your name published, use a pseudonym.

We are looking for original content. Your truth. If your piece has been published elsewhere, let us know so that we can recognize that.

For your efforts, we offer a free Ranger Against War bumper sticker (below) so you can display your dismay, if you are of a mind to do so. Send a #10 business sized SASE to the address below.

I have a thought to take this to a wider audience, and possibly to publish it in another format, if it catches on. With that in mind, you would surrender your exclusive copyright to your submissions, so submit with that in mind. If you want your real name used in such an eventuality, but do not want it published on the blog, let me know and I will honor your confidentiality.

Make your submissions to:
lisa@rangeragainstwar.com, subject line: Submissions.

If you do not have a scanner and would like to submit a graphic, or would prefer to mail your writing, the address is P.O. Box 3674, Tallahassee, FL 32315. Please send a copy, as entries will not be returned.

We will see where this goes.


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